DIY: Projects with Pennies

Hello fellow crafters!

I hope your week is going well. Mine has been pretty busy, which is better than being bored- right? Since I’m feeling a little pushed for time, I’m going to share an old DIY of mine: projects with pennies!

Have you ever though about covering things in pennies? I know- it’s a bit odd, but it can actually turn out pretty cool! I first learned about the idea in the Outer Banks at Seagreen Gallery. They covered their countertops in pennies using Elmer’s Glue! Feeling inspired, I had to find a project that used pennies! Off I went back to Richmond, and after making a stop at the bank, preceded to cover the top of a plant holder with pennies.

Here’s Pandora (pardon the demon eyes!) on the table in my old apartment:



I can say from my first hand experience that I never had any trouble with the pennies… even in my move across the country, all the pennies remained attached :)

Other projects out there just use a hot glue gun or resin. It’s up to you which craft product you utilize. I loved Elmer’s Glue because its easy and safe to work with, oh and it also reminded me of grade school! Obviously, if you wanted to use these on a countertop- it might be best to use a seal or epoxy like this project from Make.

Have a great day and happy crafting!



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